Content and Writing Services

Kenneth’s professional journey has traversed the luxury hotel industry, public relations for iconic travel destinations, writing feature articles for newspaper, magazine and nonprofit publications, and becoming a certified mindfulness coach. Drawing on his expertise and experiences, Kenneth provides writing services to brands and publishers with inspiring, relevant and focused storytelling.

Examples of topics he specializes in:

  • Hotel and spa mindfulness experiences
  • Destinations for mindfulness retreat programs and wellness travel
  • Mindfulness strategies for improving corporate culture, senior leadership skills and customer service best practices
  • Mindfulness skills for working through anxiety and significant life changes, such as challenges with working from home or the disruption of careers due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Defining and telling the stories that inspire and engage stakeholders through annual reports and other communication vehicles for nonprofits

Project examples include:

  • Articles for print and digital magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites
  • Copywriting for tourism campaigns, hospitality brands and wellness retreats
  • Content writing for corporate newsletters, human resources and annual reports