Strategic Content Writing

Drawing on his expertise and experience as a creative storyteller and communications professional in the travel industry, Kenneth writes feature articles, blog posts, website copy, press releases and other types of content to help your business message reach customers to engage with your brand.

He also writes for media outlets on subjects he is steeped in through professional and personal experience.

Topics include:

  • Hotels, restaurants and food related themes
  • Stories about cake, pie and cookie recipes
  • Feature articles on chefs and restaurant or bakery owners
  • Destination marketing campaigns
  • Brand content initiatives
  • Boutique hotels and B&Bs
  • Hotels that reflect the attributes of the destination in their culinary and cultural connections
  • Travel for wellness and meditation retreat experiences
  • Mindfulness skills to help with anxiety about travel
  • Hotel and spa mindfulness experiences
  • Mindfulness strategies for improving corporate culture, senior leadership skills and customer service best practices
  • Mindfulness skills and programs for working through anxiety and work or life changes
  • LGBTQ+ interests