Mindfulness Coaching

Why do you need a mindfulness coach? Kenneth’s customized training programs as a certified mindfulness coach will guide your corporate teams and individual leaders to develop the skills which lead to more clarity, concentration and equanimity in the workplace and in their personal lives. Brand cultures are strengthened, individuals learn how to avoid burnout while working with challenges, and creativity and productivity are sustained.

Examples of mindfulness coaching for corporate teams and organizations:

  • Mindfulness workshops for sales, operations, marketing, communication and executive teams
  • Mindfulness coaching for human resources to support positive workplace cultures
  • Mindfulness training for customer service focused professionals, providing them with the mindfulness tools to manage stressful situations, foster solutions in the moment and create positive customer experiences
  • Speaking engagements and mindfulness meditation workshops at tradeshows, conferences and corporate retreats

Mindfulness coaching for individuals:

  • Individual coaching sessions for executives and team leaders to develop mindfulness strategies that develop the core skills of clarity, concentration and equanimity
  • One-on-one mindfulness coaching for professionals working in public relations, communication, marketing, sales, operations and creative fields

Coaching workshops, training sessions and group or individual sessions are available virtually through Zoom meetings.

Kenneth is a certified mindfulness coach in the Unified Mindfulness System.