Workshop: Mindful Resilience for Leaders Working in Public Relations

A Mindfulness Workshop by Kenneth Morgan-Schleuning, Certified Mindfulness Coach

November 3 – December 15, 2021 via Zoom sessions

Leaders working in the public relations and communications role are dealing with elevated levels of stress and demands during the pandemic. Learning how to experience a less active mind, lower your stress and anxiety, and gain the ability to focus more are crucially helpful benefits of practicing mindfulness during these challenging times. (Read more about the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.)

Join Kenneth for a six-week online workshop to learn the three essential mindfulness skills of clarity, concentration and equanimity that can aide you in being more fully present to your work while promoting personal wellness. You will discover mindfulness techniques that can be done while you are in the middle of your daily activities for as short as one minute at a time, along with longer formal practice techniques. Both approaches offer a variety of ways to build your mindfulness skills so that you can begin utilizing and benefiting from a mindfulness practice right away.

As a certified mindfulness coach in the Unified Mindfulness System and a public relations professional with more than 13 years of experience in the industry, Kenneth understands firsthand how a committed mindfulness practice benefits both work and personal wellness.

The workshop will take place entirely online via weekly Zoom sessions beginning November 3. Limited to six individuals, the content is designed for you to get the most out of the program through lessons, guided practices and group discussions with other communication professionals. To be considered, please submit the online application no later than Friday, October 22.

Go here for program details and to fill out the application

Read what past program participants had to say about their experience:

“For years I have pursued professional development opportunities that would show me new or refined ways of approaching my work in order to continuously evolve as a professional. It wasn’t until I had the great fortune of participating in Kenneth’s mindfulness program that I realized I had been missing a vital component of my development, focusing on ways to calm the mind and truly find equanimity. I highly recommend these wonderful learnings that can help you succeed further in both your professional and personal life.”

– Alyson Sologaistoa, APR, CPRC | Senior Director of Public Relations, Universal Orlando Resort

“The mindfulness training Kenneth shared is a tool I use daily to refocus when my patience is wearing thin, to center myself as I switch from one project to the next, or to refresh when the demands of my role leave the day feeling chaotic. Having tools to help me let go of negativity, slow down racing thoughts and find a sense of calm in any circumstance has been an asset to me both personally and professionally. I believe this training can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to approach life with a little more balance.”

– Lindsay Hudock, APR | Principal, Well Said Public Relations and Associate Instructor, Nicholson School of Communication at UCF