Customer Service Consulting and Training

Authentic hospitality and genuine customer service are either your organization’s strengths or gaps.  Your customers’ experience either aligns with or contradicts your brand promise and marketing message. If it’s a negative experience, it can ruin your brand’s reputation and give competing companies an advantage. If everyone on your team believes that customer service is a result of your culture’s core values, it can change your business results and the organization for the better.

Our customized training workshops for individuals and teams focus on the soft skills and service values that distinguish brands from their competition.

Customer Service Consulting and Training Services

  • Evaluating your corporate culture to determine if it is hospitality-focused or an obstacle to supporting meaningful customer engagement and business growth.
  • Mindfulness leadership coaching for general managers, sales managers, human resources and public relations professionals.
  • Workshop programs for internal and external customer service standards as an integral part of your corporate culture.
  • Developing your core values as a company to improve your corporate culture and create a hospitality-driven focus among all your teams and lines of business.
  • Soft skills training to bridge the gap between technical expertise and successful team leadership.